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Ponytail Hats...Show your tail!
Chicadoo Ponytail Hats The best ponytail ski hats and ponytail running hats
available for women and girls! TWO patented designs, offering optimum warmth, comfort,
style and flexible hairstyle options!
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Who's Wearing Chicadoo Ponytail hats?
Who's Showing Their Tail?
We have received many testimonials from repeat customers
and have heard how women of all ages and various activities
are wearing Chicadoo ponytail ski hats.
Chicadoo's Ponyback Ponytail Hat
Chicadoo's Openback Ponytail Hat
More head coverage than traditional
winter headbands! Covers ears and top of
head and stays in place without slipping off!
Endless Hairstyle
For All Hair
Lengths and Styles!
with or without  your
ponytails pulled through. Great for all
types of comfortable hairstyles.
One Hat Does It All!
Side Pony
No Ponies
All Chicadoo ponytail hats are built for performance. They are made of high quality
polar fleece and are machine washable. Chicadoo ponytails hats are light weight, and
provide optimum warmth from the outdoor elements.

Chicadoo Ponytail Hats are built for performance!
Specifically designed to work great in cold weather and  
for all types of outdoor activities!
Snowboarding, running,
skiing, walking, golfing, horseback riding, soccer, softball,
cheerleading, tennis, skating, boating...The list goes on!

Stay warm...Look Great!                   SHOW YOUR TAIL!
This fantastic ponytail hat can provide you with style and warmth!  Ponytails, pigtails,
twisty buns, short hair, long hair,  you name it, this ponytail hat can handle it!  A cross
between a headband and a beanie style cap
.  It's a great fit for all hairstyles!
Chicadoo's Openback hat  is all about endless hairstyle options!  This innovative
ponytail hat offers substantial head coverage combined with a large opening on the
back! The unique design creates endless hairstyle options!  An incredible ponytail hat
for all hairstyles! The perfect ponytail hat for runners, skiers or ANYONE!  
If your not in the mood for ponytails, no worries! You can even slip the hat on with no
ponytails and all three "hidden" openings on the hat stay closed and undetectable.

Versatility, style, warmth...that's what Chicadoo ponytail hats are all about!  
Chicadoo's  Ponyback  hat  has three hidden openings on the back of the hat.  This
ponytail hat makes it easy  to wear  various ponytail or  pigtail styles.  Want to try
something new? Throw your hair into in a ponytail, side ponytail, or pigtails and slip on
a Chicadoo ponytail hat! These ponytail hats are all about flexibility and hairstyle options!
to make adjustments to these ponytails hats to create a perfect fit
for yourself!     
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Chicadoo has put a new twist on winter hats! Geared towards
women, Chicadoo's PATENTED ponytail hats make it easy to
wear comfortable ponytails and other hairstyles while staying
warm in cold weather! Chicadoo ponytail hats are highly
functioning and offer a fantastic fit! There are simple ways
All Chicadoo Ponytail Hats are made of high quality polar fleece! Warmth Without Weight,  Highly Breathable, Dries Quickly, Machine Washable!
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The Perfect Ponytail Hat for skiers, runners or Anyone that likes to stay warm and look great!
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Chicadoo Ponytail running hats and
ponytail ski hats are durable,
and warm!
Chicadoo Ponytail Hats offer
more choices & more warmth!
Perfect for ponytails, pigtails,
up, down, short or long hair!
Simply the BEST Ponytail Hat available for 2015
A great ski hat and running hat...perform with style!
The perfect ski hat and running hat...comfort meets performance!
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