Appalachian Ski Mountain is nestled right off of Highway 321 in between picturesque Blowing Rock
and Boone North Carolina.

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Appalachian Ski Mountain Website  

Appalachian Ski Mountain offers 11 exciting, snow laden ski trails, 2 trails for beginners,  6
great trails for intermediate, 3 advanced trails for the experienced, and 3 terrain parks.  

Slip off the skis, and slip on the skates! Appalachian ski Mountain also has a 6000 sq foot outdoor
skating rink for your pure enjoyment!  Ice skating is available day and night and skates can be rented
at the facility.

Appalachian Ski Mountain's base elevation is 3,635 feet and has a peak elevation of 4,000
.  It boast a audacious vertical drop of 365 feet!

Ski at night at Appalachian Ski Mountain! YES, Appalachian Ski Mountain has night skiing for
those night loving adventure seekers!

If your looking for a family friendly ski resort, Appalachian Ski Mountain just may be the ski
ticket you've been searching for!  
A great place for beginners and proficient skiers alike! Slip on
the skis because Appalachian Ski Mountain has the welcome mat out for skiers of all levels!  If you
would rather hit the deck, no worries, pull on you bibs and enjoy the ride! Appalachian Ski Mountain
has been noted as having one the BEST terrain parks in all of the North Carolina!

Appalachian ski Mountain's snow making capacity is 100%. The snow base depth is usually
over 100 inches during peak season!

Step into Appalachian Ski Mountain's 46,000 square foot base lodge!
This colossal facility
features many amenities, right at your finger tips! Bask by the 200 foot observation deck, and soak
in the mountainous view! Warm yourself by the lodge fireplace, or enjoy a delectable meal at the
slope-view restaurant.  Appalachian Ski Mountain lodge has three dining rooms to accommodate
hungry appetites. Want to catch up on the latest news, find a comfortable seat, sit back and relax in
the lodge's TV Room!  Appalachian Ski Mountain's lodge has comfortable dressing rooms with over
700 lockers that can be used to store your valuables while you hit the slopes! Need a sitter, no
problem! Appalachian Ski Mountain simplifies making arrangements by providing a great nursery for
tots!  An ATM machine is conveniently located at Appalachian Ski Mountain!

The Appalachian Ski Mountain Alpine Ski Shop offers a great assortment of fantastic ski
wear at competitive prices!
Load up on all your ski and snowboard needs! Stroll through the gift
shop and find some great deals on winter weather garments, ski related merchandise, novelties and

Great RENTALS are available for ALL your Appalachian ski Mountain experiences,  including bibs,
gloves, and the whole kit and caboodle!

Appalachian Ski Mountain has ski chalets, cabins and houses available for rent, located on and
around the resort.  Contact Appalachian Ski Mountain for special stay and ski packages and rates!

Contact Appalachian Ski Mountain for Details

Appalachian Ski Mountain  
940 Ski Mountain Road
Blowing Rock, NC 28605
Main Phone: (800) 322-2373
Snow Phone: 828-295-7828

Appalachian Ski Mountain offers 3 terrain parks and North Carolina's only Burton
Progression Park.
 There are only 11 Burton Progression Parks available in North America! So this is
a great ride for snowboarders looking for an interesting combination of rails!  Take a swirl at any of
the 3 terrain parks,
AppalTop, AppalJack, and AppalJam all available at Appalachian Ski Mountain.
Rebuilds are performed on a weekly bases by the experienced staff at Appalachian Ski Mountain, creating an on
going challenge for snowboarders!

    Terrain Parks at Appalachian Ski Mountain may include the following features:
35' Flat Rail 24' Trapezoid Box 10' x 16' Red Bull Wallride
19' Round Flat Rail 6'7 Kicker Box 4'6" Red Bull Can Bonk
10' Double Barrel Flat Rail 8' Flat Box Top 8' DVS Picnic Table
12' Flat Rail 2' tall 20' Rainbow Box 19' Lift Tower Jib
12' Flat Rail 12' Flat Box 16' Adjustable Wall
16' Flat Rail 12' Juice Box 6' Pole Jam
36' M Rail (Triple Kink) 16' Juice Box 19' Lift Tower Jib
20' Down Handrail 20' Flat Box 19' Lift Tower Jib
20' Handrail 20' C Box 41' Lift Tower Jib
20' C Rail 20' C Box 20' Ledge Wedge
25' Flat Down Flat Rail 30' Down Flat Down Box
24' Flat Down Rail 30' ATP Logo Box
25' Trapezoid Rail 24' Shark Fin Box
24' Flat Rail 24' Flat Box
24' Flat Rail 24' Flat Box
24' Flat Rail 16' Flat Box
20' Down Flat Kink Rail 20' Flat Box
32' S Rail
32' Rainbow Rail
24' Elbow Rail
30' Down Flat Down Kink Rail
15' Flat Down Rail
10' Up Rail

Appalachian Ski Mountain offers ski lessons and instruction through the French Swiss Ski
. Take lessons from an experienced instructor. Group lessons and individual lessons are
available. Contact Appalachian Ski Mountain for more details!

Appalachian Ski Mountain host several annual events contact the resort for calendar of events.
Contact Appalachian Ski Mountain for Details
Appalachian Ski Mountain  
940 Ski Mountain Road
Blowing Rock, NC 28605
Main Phone: (800) 322-2373
Snow Phone: 828-295-7828

Appalachian Ski Mountain Additional information
Projected Days Open: 135+
Year Open: 1962
Avg. Snowfall: 50"

Top Elevation: 4000 ft
Bottom Elevation: 3635 ft
Vertical Drop: 365 ft
Longest Run: 0.50 m
# of Slopes/Trails: 11
# of Lifts: 5
Lift Capacity: 7,884 hr
Skiable Area: 27 acres
Snow Making: 100%
Night Skiing Slopes: 100%

Trail Difficulty Breakdown:
Easiest: 18%
More Difficult: 55%
Most Difficult: 27%

Terrain Parks:
Appal Jam

Contact Appalachian Ski Mountain for Details
Appalachian Ski Mountain  
940 Ski Mountain Road
Blowing Rock, NC 28605
Main Phone: (800) 322-2373
Snow Phone: 828-295-7828

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Appalachian Ski Mountain
940 Ski Mountain Road, P.O. Box 106, Blowing Rock, NC 28605