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Create a custom fit, by making a
"tuck" behind the "band of the
hat" or  simply roll up the rim!
Fold up front!

Create a custom fit for your Chicadoo Ponyback hat:

1. The Ponyback hat has  three concealed openings with underlying flaps
to pull various
"ponytail” and “pigtail” hairstyles through. These three separate, hidden
openings are located on the back of the hat. When placing the hat on your
head, line up the concealed openings with the back of your head.  NOTE:
The Chicadoo logo should appear on the left side of your head.

2. The hat can be worn without pulling various “ponytail” or “pigtail" styles
through. When doing so, simply slip the hat on your head.  For a smoother
appearance, make sure the underling flaps on the concealed openings are
tucked in.

3. When choosing to wear your hair in a “ponytail” or “pigtail(s)” style it is
best to have your hair already positioned in the “ponytail” or “pigtail(s)”
style with a "ponytail holder"already placed in your hair.  Slip the hat on to
your head and reach your fingers through the concealed opening(s) to pull
your “ponytail” or “pigtail(s)” style through.

4. Once the “ponytail” or “pigtail(s)” have been pulled through the opening
(s) pull the cap into a comfortable position on your head. You may need to
reposition your "ponytail holder" for a smoother appearance or comfortable

"tuck" behind the band of the hat OR rolling up the rim of the hat.  If the hat
comes down too low around your forehead simply tuck any excess material
behind the band of the hat OR roll up the rim of the hat. (see illustrations)

How to wear your Chicadoo Openback hat:

1. Pull hat all the way down over head around neck.

2. Pull hat back up over head to mid crown position.  
Note: The Openback hat is made to roll the rim in  
an upward position. During this step the hat will most
likely be low around your forehead. Fold up front to frame your face
for a proper fit.

3. Fold up rim around premiter of hat to a comfortable position.

4. Style hair in any preference. See examples.
Make a tuck
behind the band
of the hat.
or simply,
roll up the rim!
Ponytail Hats...Show your tail!