Come visit the 115 acres of ski and snowboard terrain for the time of your life at this
incredible ski resort on the Appalachians.
At Sugar Mountain, grooming and snowmaking are
major priorities for the resort. With the industry’s newest snowmaking technology, Sugar Mountain
staff is successfully able to blow snow and cover 100% of the ski terrain, which is all complimented
by the area’s annual natural snowfall of 70 inches.

Any level of skiing/snowboarding is welcome, as Sugar Mountain Resort offers twenty slopes
and trails, all with different difficulties and terrain.  With 40% of the slopes classified as novice, 40%
as intermediate, and 20% as expert, there is plenty fun for all.

Sugar Mountain Resort is constantly improving its lift network. With one triple chair lift, four
double chairlifts (including the two longest in NC), and two surface lifts, the Sugar Mountain lift
system is capable of transporting 8,800 people/hour up the mountain.

What else is there to do at the resort besides the typical skiing and/or snowboarding? If
you are looking for something different you could always go tubing. The 700-foot long tubing lanes
are located on the Sugar Mountain Golf course and are regularly groomed.  Along with tubing, Sugar
Mountain also offers a 10,000 square foot refrigerated outdoor ice skating rink for those whom
would rather slip on the skates.

Lodging and dining that can meet every ski goers’ needs. Ticket sales, equipment rentals,
cafeterias, The Last Run Lounge, and the sports shop can all be found in The Base Lodge.  The Base
Lodge is the main lodge at the Sugar Mountain Resort and tends to meet all wants and needs.  

The Last Run Lounge is the perfect getaway for relaxation after you have hit the slopes.
People can enjoy the presence of good music, television, and a warm fireplace while also having a
wonderful view of out the windows of the Sugar Mountain ski slopes. Sandwiches and small
appetizers are offered along with a beverage of your choice if you are craving a good bite to eat.

The Rental Department at Sugar contains over 3,000 complete sets of ski and snowboard
Along with the Rental Department, there is also a Sugar Mountain Repair Shop that can
fix and/or tune equipment when needed.  

Ski Rental Equipment Rates Click Here

Great parking options allow for an easy access to the slopes. Sugar Mountain is one of the
easiest ski areas to reach in the Southeast. The Base Lodge and parking are located on the same
level of the mountain as the main highway making traveling safer and simpler. This main highway is
almost always cleared when the weather is still bad, only meaning you can get to the great snow
covered slopes with very little effort. Driving directions available at

Contact Sugar Mountain Resort

Sugar Mountain Resort
Sugar Mountain Drive
Sugar Mountain, NC 28604
Phone: (828)-898-4521

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Sugar Mountain Resort
1009 Sugar Mountain Drive, Sugar Mountain, NC 28604
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