Cataloochee Ski Area is located in beautiful Maggie Valley, North Carolina. Maggie valley is one of
North Carolinas most charming mountainous tourist towns! In addition to snow skiing there are
wonderful shops and great eateries to enjoy! Close to Cherokee and the Biltmore house.

Cataloochee Ski Area has created a great season pass program making your favorite winter
pass-time even more affordable! To find our more information about the season pass programs contact
Cataloochee Ski Area at
1-800-768-0285 or (828) 926-0285.

There are fourteen awesome ski slopes and trails available at Cataloochee Ski Area!
slopes accommodate all different level of skiers! It's a winter wonderland, chock full of endless
challenges for all levels of skiers!

Tube world is a winter world of its own design! That's right! Cataloochee Ski Area has amusement
galore! Take a fun and fantastic ride at Cataloochee Ski Area's Tube World. A conveyor lift totes you to
the top and the tube gives you an exhilarating ride down.  A winter thrill for all ages!

Cataloochee Ski resort knows how to pack the snow!  Take advantage of an outstanding ski
experience at Cataloochee Ski Area! They are a proud member of the National  Ski Areas Association's
Sustainable Slopes Program. Cataloochee has a state of the art snow making system and are dedicated
to creating the most amazing ski experience possible!

Sit back and relax at Cataloochee Ski Areas, Apre's-Ski at the Cat Lodge.  This is a wonderful
gathering place for your whole group to warm up by the double sided fireplace. Refuel with a delicious
meal or warm your bones while sipping a drink.  Take a stroll through the Cataloochee gift shop pick up
a souvenir or two!.

Never been skiing? No problem! Catalochee Ski Area offers easy beginner runs!  Want a
lesson or two? Again, no problem!
Catalocche Ski Area has experienced instructors to teach you the
slopes! Contact Cataloochee Ski Area for more information Call: 1-800-768-0285

There are many options for accommodations at Cataloochee Ski Area!  Choose from local hotels,
motels, cottages, cabins, bed and breakfasts. In addition you could also book a stay at the Cataloochee
Ranch located  in Maggie Valley as well.

For additional directions or assistance Contact Cataloochee Ski Area direct:
1-800-768-0285 or (828) 926-0285

 Click Here for a Direct link to Cataloochee Ski Area's Website!

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Cataloochee Ski Area 1080 Ski Lodge Rd. Maggie Valley NC 28751